Progressive Political Fundraising

Exceptional Candidates Encouraged To Call


Nonpartisan Political Fundraising

For Races Lacking Political Party Affiliation


Non-Profit Organization Fundraising

Raise the Funds to Deliver Your Message and Services

Professional Fundraising Consultants

The Oblander Group has been providing professional fundraising consulting and services since 1999.  Our success has been predicated on developing and executing effective fundraising strategies for our political and nonprofit organization clients.

As needs and budgets dictate, we can then serve as advisers in a consultative role,  or we can deliver a comprehensive solution to include event planning and marketing, financial staffing, reporting and compliance services.

Non-Partisan Political Fundraising

Proven expertise developing and executing fundraising strategies for non partisan elected campaigns as well as propositions, referendums and other ballot initiatives.

Nonprofit Organization Fundraising

We develop effective fundraising strategies and can provide tactical execution to allow your organization to deliver the messaging and services which people rely upon.

Progressive Political Fundraising

We lean a bit to the left. As such we work with exceptional progressive candidates who seek to make their communities better by advocating for social justice and services which enhance our society.

For over sixteen years, The Oblander Group has established a solid record of fundraising success for our clients. This is because we approach every project with expertise, organization, enthusiasm and a dedication to excellence.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, The Oblander Group is a full-service fundraising consulting firm specializing in fundraising for local, regional and national political campaigns and nonprofit organizations. Our team works tirelessly to ensure our clients have the resources necessary to achieve results.

Contact the winning team today and let The Oblander Group bring a proven record of success to your fundraising.

“We absolutely would not have been able to do it without you – Phenomenal, excellent, outstanding service!” – Zola Thurmond, First Lady of DeKalb County, Georgia