Kristin Oblander Quoted By Politico on Fundraising Strategies

By June 14, 2013News

Oblander Group President, Kristin Oblander, recently spoke with Politico about new practices in the world of political fundraising; touching specifically on reaching out to young voters.

Novel fundraisers also dovetail with a rash of new donation options this cycle — text message, Twitter, mobile credit card readers — that have made making political contributions easier than ever.

Campaigns are desperate to connect with younger voters, said Kristin Oblander, president of Atlanta-based political fundraising firm The Oblander Group.

“They work because you literally get buy-in with young professionals in particular who will stay on your email lists, like you on Facebook, connect on Twitter, ” she said. “You just can’t have the same old 100 folks in a smoky back room anymore.

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