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Kristin Oblander Quoted in AJC’s Political Insider on Georgia’s ‘Guns Everywhere’ Legislation and Jason Carter’s Gubernatorial Campaign

By April 29, 2014News

After (Governor Nathan) Deal signed the gun bill, Democratic fundraiser Kristin Oblander of Atlanta sent a message to her friends via Twitter, noting that she owned both a shotgun and pistol (and a concealed carry permit). But HB 60 was a bad bill, she said.

“I’m all for self-protection, but this goes a step beyond that,” the fundraiser said.

Oblander is an entrenched Democrat. Her support for Carter can’t be shaken by a single vote. That may not be the case for others. Voter enthusiasm among minorities and women is a large part of the formula for turning Georgia from red to blue, and the state’s new gun law is unlikely to poll well with women as a whole.