Oblander Group helps Busch Out Raise Sanford

By April 29, 2013News

Charleston’s Post and Courier reports that Oblander Group client, Elizabeth Colbert Busch has raised more money than her Republican counterpart Mark Sanford in the traditionally conservative first district of South Carolina.

Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch leads the former governor in fundraising, especially when contributions from outside groups are factored in.

She has raised roughly $85,000 in large donations in the days since April 17, including about $54,000 — or more than 60 percent — that came from outside the district, according to the latest financial reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

In all, she had raised a total of about $1.18 million from mid-January through April 17 while Sanford had pulled in about $788,000.

Read the whole store here.

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