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Political Fundraising Firm Delivered Critical Funds Needed To Mount Winning Campaigns

Atlanta, GA. June 2, 2016 – The Oblander Group today offered congratulations to DeKalb Solicitor-General Sherry Boston and former DeKalb County Schools Superintendent Mike Thurmond. Both candidates won their respective races for new offices by huge margins in last week’s Georgia Primary Election.

Ms. Boston, who was newly elected to DeKalb County District Attorney, received 62% of the vote, ousting the incumbent, Robert James.  The Boston campaign raised over $250,000 – a record-setting fundraising amount for a challenger in a District Attorney’s race in Georgia.  With no Republican challenger, Ms. Boston will assume the office following the November General Election.

Meanwhile, in the race for DeKalb County C.E.O., Mr. Thurmond bested two challengers to win the Democratic Party nomination in the primary with over 70% of the vote.  Mr. Thurmond will face a Republican candidate in the November General Election.

“It’s been an honor to work with two candidates who place honesty, ethics and integrity above all else,” said Kristin Oblander, President of The Oblander Group.  “Sherry Boston is going to be a fantastic District Attorney for DeKalb Country, and we look forward to continuing down the path to victory with Mike Thurmond.”

About The Oblander Group

Founded by Kristin Oblander, The Oblander Group has been providing professional fundraising consulting and services since 1999.  Our success has been predicated on developing and executing effective fundraising strategies for political and non-profit organizations alike.

Past and present clients of The Oblander Group include Roy Barnes, Governor of Georgia; Democratic National Committee; Al Gore Presidential Campaign; Obama Victory Fund; John Lewis, U.S. Congressman; Georgia’s 5th District, Stephen Dillard, Georgia Court of Appeals Judge; Hugh Thompson, Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice; Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia; and the Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia.

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